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:: Top Silk Corp. Signs Collaboration Partnership with Konkuk University, Korea ::

Top Silk Corporation is proud to sign an agreeement with the Design School of Konkuk University 

for fostering students in the fashion industry, by providing our hands-on knowledge and know-how of the business environment. 


Our company held a semester-long program that included lectures at campus and site-visits to our office. 

At lectures, students learned about fabric and manufacturing processes. 

Each students worked on their own designs and received feedback on how to implement them for actual production. 

After the students learned how their designs go through each production phases,

they were able to finally see and feel the products in their hands. 

At the end of the semester, their results were nicely displayed for the final critique. 

It is a pleasure to be the business partner of the Design School of Konkuk University,

and we look forward to see the synergy that will arise through such partnership.